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Guiding principles

  • Experiential small boutique hotels all over the world. 

  • 30-60 keys.

  • Travel & Leisure oriented. 

  • Unique concepts and brands. 

  • Scale economies. 

  • Smart hospitality financials. 

  • Builder/developer risk eliminated. 

  • Joint and specialized marketing, revenue management and distribution efforts

  • A tribe of loyal members and followers. 

  • Territorial reserve for branded residences or expansion.

  • Specialty branded products that are distributed exclusively on our properties and online channels. 

  • Up and coming destinies.


Let us guide you to the confines of the planet.

You’ll live once in a lifetime experiences... everytime you come back.

Let us connect you with local people, ancient rituals, exiting realities. Let us connect you to places you have never been before. And by doing that… let us connect you with yourself. 


We’re integrating an amazing portfolio of unique hotels all over the world. Working with the founding teams to extract the best of each one and adding value by concentrating key functions that require a high level of focus and knowledge. 

TDBHF Selects unique hotel proposals to integrate them into their property portfolio. Our team works on elevating the standards and enhancing the results of each one.


Our vision is to integrate our property portfolio into capital markets dynamics that allows them to keep evolving and us to add value to our guests, teams and stockholders.  

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