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Isla Mujeres

Mirada Isla Mujeres will be a luxury barefoot living hotel with 121 rooms, a private dock, three restaurants, a sky bar, a Spa and a 140-meter pool. The hotel will be designed by the architectural firm IDEA Asociados, operated by Hamak Hotels and will feature the soft brand Leading Hotels of the World.

Hotel Mirada Isla Mujeres

The magic of a place where sight confirms love

We take an eclectic, daring and unique approach to the concept of hospitality; for those travelers who demand a distinctive experience.

Both sustainability and luxury are connected through an avant-garde architectural design of great intelligence, aesthetics and dynamism.


Offering endless options that satisfy and create a particular environment for each guest.


From the free traveler in search of something different to the unforgettable family retreat, MIRADA provides an idyllic setting for every preference without sacrificing luxury, privacy and the highest quality in functionality and design.

Hotel Mirada Isla Mujeres
Hotel Mirada Isla Mujeres
Hotel Mirada Isla Mujeres

MIRADA contains two magnificent restaurants of the highest author cuisine.


MIRADA Includes a playful and charming "Speakeasy" which becomes an oasis of comfort and luxury, complemented by a meeting and relaxation point in our "Piano Bar" with an unparalleled view, generating multiple environments in the resort.


MIRADA achieves a delicate balance that invites its visitors to enjoy a "Yoga Deck" where dreams, peace and imagination make MIRADA a unique space to find our inner harmony. In addition to an ultra Chic Eco Spa located between a suggestive mangrove swamp and waterfalls.

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